The National Union of Romanian Bar Associations
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"No man is above the law, and no man is below it!"
Theodore Roosevelt

Claudia Iliescu


With 24 years of experience and deep legal expertise, I am here to guide you through the complexities of the judicial system. Whether you need assistance in civil litigation, family law, criminal law or other legal areas, they can provide you with personalized assistance and effective solutions to your problems.



  • Legal advice on legal issues of a civil nature
  • Legal assistance and representation before the courts, as well as any other authorities, institutions, natural or legal persons
  • Usucapsion (possession, easement, claiming, bordering)
  • Eviction from the building
  • Recognition of foreign decisions
  • Court declaration of death
  • Division of common property
  • Payment of damages, interests for damages caused
  • Presidential order
  • Payment order
  • Judicial interdiction
  • Consultancy, legal assistance in case of cancelled or delayed flights, loss of connection, refusal of boarding or damage caused to luggage
  • Appeal against enforcement (enforcement of the decision)
  • Payment orders (low value request)
  • Giving in payment


  • Legal advice, assistance and legal representation of suspects and defendants / persons aggrieved by crime before the criminal investigation bodies (police units, prosecutor's offices attached to the Courts, Tribunals, Courts of Appeal, D.I.I.C.O.T. and D.N.A.), of the courts, of the judge of law and freedoms and of the judge of preliminary chamber
  • Recovery of damage caused by the offence
  • Recovery of damages and obtaining compensations from serious road accidents
  • Judicial rehabilitation
  • Drafting a criminal complaint, a prior complaint, a denunciation, requests, exceptions and pleadings, appeals
  • Beatings, bodily harm, murder, manslaughter, threats, rape
  • Service and corruption offences
  • Financial, banking and economic crimes, evasion, embezzlement, money laundering
  • Offences of forgery of private documents, forgery of official documents or intellectual forgery
  • High-risk or high-risk drug trafficking and drug use offences
  • Trafficking in human beings, an organized criminal group
  • Driving without a licence, driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances


  • Legal advice, assistance and legal representation before the notary and the courts of law - Court of Law, Tribunal/ Court of Appeal
  • Divorce
  • Establishing parental authority
  • The loss of parental rights
  • Establishing minor home
  • Establishment of a minor maintenance pension
  • Minor maintenance pension increase
  • Minor visiting hours
  • Presidential ordinance
  • Protection order
  • Evacuation
  • Establishing paternity
  • The tagade of fatherhood
  • Recognition of judgments given abroad(executor)


  • Legal advice, drafting, contracts, addenda, notifications, assistance and legal representation of civil actions having as object the conclusion, execution, termination, nullity, termination, termination, termination, assignment of contracts
  • Bank Credit Agreements, Sale-Purchase, Donation
  • Maintenance, rent, commodation, exchange, loan, life annuity
  • Mortgage, provision of services, transport, mandate, contractor
  • Contracts specific to the activities performed, namely transport, dispatch, intermediation contracts


  • Legal advice of natural and legal persons regarding the relations with the state institutions, with the central and local authorities, drafting the application, pleadings, petitions
  • Cancellation of administrative act
  • Enforcement of an issued administrative act
  • Suspension of administrative act issued
  • Drafting appeals
  • Legal assistance and representation in court


  • Legal advice, assistance and legal representation before the notary and the courts of law, Tribunal/Court of Appeal
  • Division of succession (division of the estate, including legal or testamentary shares of heirs)/exit from joint ownership
  • Cancellation of the certificate of succession or of the will
  • Reducing excessive liberalities
  • Exclusion of heir
  • Obtaining civil status certificates (birth, marriage and death certificates)